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Is a short sale or loan modification right for you?

Are You Ready to Sell Your Home, 
but owe more than it is worth?

Homeowner Help

We will list your property for sale and aid you in contacting your lender and helping explain the situation to them. If appropriate under the President's "Foreclosure Alternative Program" we will also aid you in requesting loan modification. We will detail in written correspondence to them, what your situation is and provide them with the approximate value of your property.  We will also assist you in filling out any forms your lender requests and route any documents that they request to them.

The President's "Foreclosure Alternative Program" as presented by the Treasury Department has some benefits including loan modification, pre-approved Sales price marketing times, "Deed in lieu of Foreclosure" and some other incentives.  

Make arrangements to see our presentation.

 It could change your future. 

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President Obama's "Foreclosure Alternative Program" is still in the implementation stages and the Treasury Department can and will change the terms of the plan to best serve the public interest.

Key Benefits

·        Could save your credit rating.

·        Avoid the forced Foreclosure of your Property.

·        Add stability to your future plans.

·        Possible Incentive exist.

·        Remain in the home until close of escrow. (FAP)

·        End a hard situation with your lender on a positive note.

Make arrangements to see our presentation.

 It could change your future. 

 Contact our experts now!

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We honor your privacy and will not share your information. We are here to help you. Call us at 800-975-7481 x 101 if you prefer. We will call you with-in 24 hrs. and set up a time to meet with you to discuss your options.

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